Review: Kamry K101

This is the other vape that was purchased today at Vapor Solutions in Fullerton, California.

This vape is one of the lower end models but still one of the superior choices of its class. This Kamry comes in a variety of colors and also comes in another version, the K100. They both retail at $70.00USD. You can finish this mod with an AGI mod at $40.00 USD or a AGA T2 $30.00 USD depending on what type of tip you’re looking for. (Drip or tank.)

For readers doing research: a drip tip is when one has to drip liquid on the atomizer before taking a hit. The tank allows the drip to happen by gravity so one needs to tilt the vape when inhaling. The wick version (as pictured), allows one to take a hit without tilting every hit. The wick brings the liquid to the atomizer. Please note that not all mods can accommodate a wick like the JM16 is too slim.

This vape feels very solid and the batteries are pretty fat but you can keep the device short as pictured. The only complaint is the screw mechanism at the bottom (take extra care when removing and replacing), but at this price bracket, one cannot really complain too much. This mod really stands on its own as an affordable, great quality mod.

The performance is on par with some higher end models. It hits just as hard as you would expect a mechanical to work, and the flavors are outstanding (tested with the Strawberry Mango from Vapor Solutions). If you haven’t upgraded to a mechanical, you’ll definitely want to consider it. You’re tastebuds and nostrils are missing out.

As always, I only have wonderful things to say about the Vapor Solutions location. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for updates on their monthly King of Clouds events! (Raffles and free food!!)