Lululemon – WMTM Sale

I love that my current Lululemon running shorts do not chaff. After the 10K in Pasadena with my UA (Under Armor) chaffing, I was super disappointed and donated them. Trying to run the week on one pair of shorts was tough! Luckily a WMTM (We Made Too Much) sale popped up and I grabbed two more running bottoms. Can’t wait to use them in my next races.

I haven’t had the chance to purchase any tops since I’m a bit odd shaped, but I’ve been using the tech shirts from the races and tanks from Costco to keep me cool. Still waiting for the prices to drop on my favorite sports bra.

Catch you snails later!

P.S. If you’re wondering about the yoga pants, go for the ones that are still not under WMTM. I bought some that were obsoleted and well, they beaded up after one wash. What a waste. :( The running shorts and hot yoga shorts have lasted. Will probably try their running capris when it shows up under WMTM.

Groovy Run Short Groovy Run Short 
colour:  gros gingham bleached coral/bleached coral/pop orange
size:  4
sku #:  3482023
Final Sale
1 $39.00 USD
Run: Breeze By Skirt Run: Breeze By Skirt
colour:  cool breeze/nimbus
size:  4
sku #:  3497895
Final Sale
1 $39.00 USD
Subtotal: 78.0 USD
Shipping Charges: $0.00 USD
Merchandise Tax: $7.02USD
Shipping Tax: $0.00USD
Grand Total: $85.02


Just wanted to do a quick review on the fit of these. I found the same Breeze by Skirt in Black for $29.00 USD at the Irvine Spectrum Lululemon store. Just FYI!! Love the waistband on them, so soft and elastic-y. No muffin top here! Great fit, more like bike short length. I kinda did feel somewhat chaffing but I think it’s more from the weight I’ve put on recently. I will make sure to vaseline before I run. The Groove Run Shorts did not fit like my original shorts (the name escapes me sorry!). They are a bit tighter but it isn’t like compression shorts, though somewhat similar. I had a bit of a diaper butt but again, I think it’s mostly from the weight I’ve put on recently.

Both fit great, can’t wait to lose the weight a bit. The skirts were looser than the shorts.