Juice Cleanse: Sambazon Day 3

02.14.2013   Cleanse 3

Last day of the juice cleanse! Sadly this sounds the most tasty but I disliked this one the most lol. It’s more satiating than the others though on the stomach since it’s thicker. It’s more like a milkshake.

So now that this cleanse has concluded, here are some of my thoughts.

If you don’t already eat healthy, this is a great way to focus on that. You can’t eat animals or animal products on this cleanse. Eliminating those from a regular diet will increase energy naturally (meat is evil if you don’t already know but, who’s to deny my love for tasty?). I like how the Sambazon cleanse is gluten free and organic, not to mention non GMO. Overall as a product itself, I am satisfied and would recommend it.

Your goals however, could be a different story. I’m pretty “regular” as it is. On day one it really helped “clean out” my system, but yesterday and today I really saw no difference.  Everything else seemed pretty regular (sleep was the same).

So, your questions — Did I lose weight and would I recommend this? If you eat terrible right now, yes, I would recommend this. I did lost a bit of weight although my suspicions were already high since I cut out animals and animal products. I mean for $14.00USD you can’t really beat this cleanse, I wouldn’t plunk down a pretty penny for any other juice cleanse program though, that’s for sure. The ingredients are nearly identical. If you eat healthy and are weight conscious right now, I don’t think this program will help you that much.

Hope this helps your juice cleanse plan!

Please note: Sambazon and Costco did not sponsor any part of this review (although we would be happy to review future products they send us).