Juice Cleanse: Sambazon Day 1

Sambazon Prepare JuiceStarted Sambazon Juice Cleanse Day 1 this morning. It comes with three juices, prepare, eliminate, recharge. The photo is the morning drink. The taste isn’t too bad, it’s similar to popular movie star juice cleanses. I would say this cleanse is more of a less intense cleanse, you are allowed to eat although no animal products, no alcohol, no caffeine. (No meat, no dairy, no eggs, etc).

You drink about 10oz of each juice a day. I’m actually going to try to attempt mostly juice and water, only eating if I get hungry. Veggies I have – broccoli, seaweed, edamame, nuts, tofu. I think I’ll be fine for three days. :)

I normally consume about a liter or two a day (still not enough but not bad considering the average person barely drinks any water). We’ll see how this cleanse goes…

End of day one: Feeling great, system is cleaning. Made vegetarian curry for dinner. :)