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Blendtec: Leek & Potato Soup

Leek & Potato Soup w/Turkey Swiss Sourdough Sandwich and Claussen Pickles

Leek & Potato Soup w/Turkey Swiss Sourdough Sandwich and Claussen Pickles

Leek & Potato Soup

By Pamela Published: May 26, 2015

  • Yield: 4 Servings
  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Ready In: 25 mins




  1. Dutch oven - sauté the leeks in oil.
  2. Add remaining ingredients. Cook until potatoes soft.
  3. Place mixture into Blendtec. Blend "Sauces" or non-hot blend option.
  4. Return to pot and warm if desired. Add water or vegetable broth until desired texture. Serve.

Chicken Enchiladas @ El Torito

Chicken Enchiladas with Black Beans and Green Rice

Chicken Enchiladas with Black Beans and Green Rice

El Torito Grill254 reviews powered by Yelp

Decided to head over here for some Mexican food with Sean & Jane. Not really sure if this counts as real Mexican food, but this is what I had. It seemed a bit Americanized to me. I liked how they made guacamole in front of you though! …Not for $9USD though, that was a bit overpriced. Probably won’t be back unless it was like a special occasion for someone else… Or Taco Tuesday!

Breakfast @ Arthur’s

1/2 Weekend Special - French Toast with 3 eggs and 2 bacon & sausage.

1/2 Weekend Special – French Toast with 3 eggs and 2 bacon & sausage.

Dropped by Arthur’s again for breakfast with the Kim clan. I opted for their 1/2 weekend special with French Toast. It definitely filled me up without over stuffing me. I’ll probably just go with this one next time instead of the omelettes. I still want to try the biscuits and gravy but it seems like a carb load. I just love the classic American breakfast.

Kogi @ Mr. BBQ

Mmm.. Banchan!

Mmm.. Banchan!

Mr BBQ674 reviews powered by Yelp

So this is the one right off of State College and Chapman which replaced the old Jinga. This place takes Gen as its main competitor and really tries to blow it out of the water. The service at this place is unparallel to any other kbbq place I have ever been. There is plenty of staff waiting hand and foot on customers. I never had to wait for a server to come by to attend to our needs during our dinner. Fabulous. I was thoroughly impressed at the aptitude of any of the employees to quickly identify an empty dish and know which banchan belonged. Kudos. Just kudos.

For $20.99USD dinner price, we were able to get the PAYCE (premium all you can eat) which included quite an array of different meats, usually the most popular, with additional options of squid, soondobu, and steamed egg (gyeran jjim or 계란찜). Delicious. Topped the meal off at the end with vanilla ice cream.

Other pluses: big bathrooms, draft beers that were more than domestic or Asian, attentive service. Minuses… Just the grill was a bit strange, it was probably the newest thing, but I felt like the cooking process was lost on some of the flavor because it all just dripped away without letting it cook with like on the traditional style pans. I mean overall this place really can’t be beat even though the wait was about an hour on a Sunday night. I will be back!

Dinner @ Azuma

Miso soup, Sapporo, and pickled stuff.

Miso soup, Sapporo, and pickled stuff.

Tempura & Boiled Fish (Black Cod) Dinner Combination

Tempura & Boiled Fish (Black Cod) Dinner Combination

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets

Stopped by this little mom & pop Izakaya in Gardena (Torrance area) for dinner before dropping Richard & Lois off at LAX. The wait was a bit long, almost an hour, but the painstaking part was that their restaurant is split into the front and back, and people who entered through the back were not being seated before the later entries through the front. I thought that was kinda messed up. Overall service was slow to start but the food came out rather promptly so that was nice. The bathrooms smelled kinda funny, not sure if it was mold or cleaner. Probably just cleaner since I didn’t see anything, but I dunno. I had a basement once, that’s what it smelled like.

The food and everything was alright. It was pretty much what I expected in Rowland Heights, so it left me just a bit disappointed considering our location. The tempura was really good, got two shrimps, but I didn’t get any sweet potato. :( The black cod (which was an extra $2.50USD) didn’t actually turn out to be that great. The flavor was classic, sweet, like Izakaya-style, but for some reason the middle wasn’t cooked. I’ve never actually had black cod not cooked so I dunno. Turned me off a bit. I figured it was just how it was meant to be so I finished it, but still makes me feel a bit uneasy.

The chicken kaarage was good, as expected, pretty typical dish. I dunno, honestly, the food was great for a mom & pop shop, but I just thought it was more of a three star place. I’m surprised it wasn’t better considering we are in the heart of a Japanese area, but that’s OK. Probably won’t come back but it’s a great hole in the wall place to check out. They’re open late but it doesn’t really give off an Izakaya ambiance. Meh.

Compartés Chocolatier

Macallan's & White and Dark Chocolate Bar

Macallan’s & White and Dark Chocolate Bar

Lois brought back some yummy chocolates for us to try from Compartés in West Hollywood. We are so spoiled. 😍

Memorial Day Sale: Moosejaw



20% off one full price item from Moosejaw for this weekend with code CACTUS. If you use Ebates, you can nab another 5% off (referral link on the Sponsors page). I had some Moosejaw rewards on this too so I had an additional $5 off. Damn I love saving money… Off retail. Not really saving money since I’m spending it I guess. 😂

Retail: $24.00USD, My Price: ∼$13.50USD with free 2-day shipping via ShopRunner.

Memorial Day Sale Haul: Tillys.com

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These prices seriously cannot be beat! 2.5% cash back from Ebates (see Sponsors page for referral link) on top of this. There were so many other items I wanted too but they were sold out due to popularity. 😕 Great sale, Tilly’s!

Yelp Fit Club 2015: SoulCycle

find your soul (in the bathroom apparently)

find your soul (in the bathroom apparently)

Door which leads to the "studio"... Or dark room of sweaty hell.

Door which leads to the “studio”… Or dark room of sweaty hell.

Yay for Yelp Fit Club! Always keeping me in shape, some random times of the year. Ok but no, if there weren’t these opportunities, I probably wouldn’t venture out myself to these snazzy intimidating studios to take a class by myself. Actually after this experience I’m not totally sure I would do it again anyway, but alas, life is about trying new things, right?

I’ve done the whole spin thing before, before it started popping up in studios, at my local LA Fitness. I was spinning on stationary bikes before they even got the non-belt magnetic fandangled new gadget bikes. I had those clip in shoes. Yeah. But after a while it hurt my “seat” too much so I gave it up. It was fun though, I loved my instructor Lloyd. He was the business with his Beyonce tracks.

I came here expecting a lot, honestly. Sure, this was free for me, but it was a $20 class we were getting on the house. I expected a lot for $20. I nearly expected to be reborn like after hot yoga. No, sadly, my expectations were too high.

Well, I got the facilities early and I loved their clean look and seemingly spacious area of lockers. Their bathrooms were immaculate and beautiful, I really enjoyed the ambiance before going in. Well, as we stood in line (the lockers area started to seem crowded after everyone got there), the previous class finally came out. Man, just the wall of sticky sweat from strangers and crowdedness of people I just was not prepared for. Some of the girls that hadn’t even gone in yet reeked of unapologetic stench, neither from a perfume or body oder, but something else completely aghast. That can’t be helped by SoulCycle so I won’t ding them, but good lord ladies, please come after you have showered at least 18 hours ago…

Not the best way to enter a room to get pumped! (Sorry Chris.) As we walked into a dark tiny mirrored room with 50 or so stationary bikes, I winced at my claustrophobia. Not only was it stuffy but I thought it to have a broken air conditioning system. I found a bike in the front row just off to the side. I wanted to be able to see myself in the mirror in case I felt light headed. Seeing myself keeps me grounded for some reason.

Chris was a great instructor, he pushed the class pretty hard. We were allowed to go our own pace, and watching in the mirror it was pretty clear these people had never gone to a cycling class before. We were not doing the Tour de France, sure, but we weren’t even in sync. Hilarity ensues inside.

Over the course of our stationary ride, the air conditioner pumps on once or twice making it bearable. The lights are shifted on and off as if it were a dance party, and the music was far too loud to be enjoyable. I still remember the scathing headache I had afterward. (There are ear plugs at the front desk, I think that says something…) I jolted for my locker and raced out of there as fast as I could, grabbing the coconut water and Yelp essentials that I really came for.

Parking ended up being $6 at the Commons, which ironically, they didn’t tell us it wouldn’t be free. But why would anything be free in Pasadena, why?

Needless to say, but I will say, I won’t be back. Not because of you, instructor rockstar, or you, SoulCycle awesome facilities, but just because of too many people going into a small room. And the lights. And the candles??????? It’s so hot in there.

Good grief.

Street Tacos!

Tacos de al pastor y carne asada.

Tacos de al pastor y carne asada.

Beau had extra taco stuff left after LifeGroup was a no-go on attendees! These items were picked up at the local Mexican market. Just like the taco shops. Yum~