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#9 Club Supreme @ Jersey Mike’s


Stopped by Jersey Mike’s for dinner after the gym on the way to Target~ This is the #9 Club Supreme with roast beef, turkey, swiss, bacon, and mayo. Mike’s Way was also included — vinegar, olive oil, pepper, oregano, and I believe salt. Though I honestly thought the salt was unnecessary I wasn’t able to tell them in time. :( Great sandwich, had it on white of course. The bread didn’t get soggy this time! I like how the meat is freshly cut before our eyes. 👀 😜

Phở Real @ Chop Shop


This is the newly opened up Vietnamese phở place near Lemon and Golden Springs in Diamond Bar! It’s situated right near the BBQ and tax advisor place. Their biggest sign is “Pho $5″ right now, so you can’t miss it!

Bait and switch though… Sorta. Their only $5USD bowl is the Phở Tai – plain phở, just noodles, soup, and beef. That might be fine for some people, but I need all the fixings! Photo’d here is the Phở Real, containing all the regular parts of phở including meatballs and tripe. Their tripe was kinda tiny… But still flavorful! Their noodles were super fresh, they tasted delicious and chewy, different than any other phở place I’ve had around! The soup didn’t seem as flavorful as other nearby places, but I had a thought maybe it was due to salt content. They didn’t have as much salt — so it’s a good thing! It definitely did taste “shop made” and I don’t think there was MSG after, the flavor wasn’t there for me, but I’m not 100% sure. The toppings were all pretty normal, fresh tasting, no complaints.

They have a huge assortment of non-conventional phở as well, including something called a Cali-phở-nia and Mexi-Cali, and even Phở Tacos. I wasn’t as adventurous but I’ll definitely take a gander next time. I see they’re trying to be a bit more “hip” and move into a different category of a much loved favorite. They face high competition in the area and I’m glad they were able to recreate something different. I think it’s going to take some time to build up their client base, but it looks like they have another regular by me.

Phở-Tastic, yo! (That’s their customizable bowl.)

TSN Original: The Butterfly Child

Natural Cleaning

In an effort to move towards whole foods and being more environmentally sensitive, I’m moving onto natural cleaning in the home also.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 14.09.47

I was able to get this book for free, it’s $2.99USD now, but it had some great ways to get started on natural cleaning as well as organizing. I am definitely guilty of using a lot of chlorine bleach and ammonia in my house. (Not together of course.) From Windex to Clorox toilet bowl cleaner, I just use the most powerful stuff to do the least work. The reality is that we all pay for convenience. I’m not saying natural cleaners are ineffective though, but that is definitely our conception of it. (Possibly put out by Clorox and the like!)

I’ll just be mainly using these mixes:

  1. All-Purpose Cleaner
    • 1/4 cup castile soap in a quart of water
  2. Bathroom Mold Cleaner
    • 2 parts hydrogen peroxide to 1 part water
  3. Window/Glass Cleaner
    • 1 part vinegar to 1 part water
  4. Brass Polisher
    • lemon and baking soda
  5. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
    • 1 part castile soap to 4 parts water

I opted to get the Dr. Bronner Magic Soap for the castile soap in Tea Tree. This particular mix can pretty much do everything on the body too, so pluses all over the place! At GNC.com right now you can buy one get one 50% off. Add the 5% cash back from Ebates and you got yourself a great deal! (Sign up for Ebates first, then use their link for GNC.com, then search “Magic Soap” in the search box.)


Some of the items that were in the book I do already (yay!) like baking soda and water for the stove top. I used to find great use with Bar Keeper’s Friend though I’m not terribly sure if it’s that as safe (as baking soda) anymore so I’ll be migrating to just baking soda.

Pretty excited to pick up my quart sprayers~ :) Maybe I will also start to experiment with essential oils… Keep you all posted!

Blendtec: Almond Milk

I decided to make some almond milk this morning. Recipe below also. Unfortunately since it’s my first time alone with the Blendtec, I forgot to make sure the cap was totally on. Good thing I didn’t walk away…
But after cleaning up, running the blender again on “Whole Fruit”, I managed to get this.
I didn’t want to strain it because I wouldn’t know how to use the pulp yet. I want to learn how to compost… Anyone do that?

I’m not really a fan of the Silk Almond Milk, and even though this tastes better than that, I’m not sure I’m a fan of almond milk. For sake of variety and what not, I’ll probably continue to make some here and there, but… Meh. MEH ON THE ALMOND MILK. #SoymilkForever Maybe I need to add more sweetener…

Here’s the video:

Blendtec: Almond Milk

By Pamela Published: April 21, 2015

  • Yield: 1 L

I decided to make some almond milk this morning. Recipe below also. Unfortunately since it's my first time alone with the Blendtec, …



  1. Place all ingredients in the blender, order doesn't matter in this recipe.
  2. Cover blender tightly, then press "Whole Fruit".
  3. Strain if you want to remove pulp, otherwise give it another whirl on "Whole Fruit".
  4. If you strained it, put it back in and Pulse a few times.
  5. Voila! Drink immediately or store in the fridge for up to 3 days.

FreeeBook: The Art of Self Love


I entered a raffle contest for Yogi Surprise and stumbled upon this free e-book. This is a great book for anyone that needs a pick me up.

If you want to enter the contest too, click here! :)

Foodie Blogs: Mama Suh’s 만두


Ok, these mandoo (만두) are from the #PEM15 fundraiser.

Just like my buddy Fredric, I also chose to steam these bad boys. I don’t use any kind of sauces actually, but I paired it with some of Mama Kim’s radish kimchi. I steamed it in a traditional rice cooker instead of a bamboo steamer. …Mostly because I don’t have a bamboo steamer.


Beautifully shaped dumplings. Very uniform and seriously, prettier than store bought dumplings. These were given to me frozen and they didn’t stick together like the ones I usually buy at the market. The skin was nice and thick so it could definitely be used for any type of cooking, including pan frying or boiling. I was able to fit 6 into my bowl here (steamed directly in bowl) — after steaming and taking it out, the skin did not rip or stick to the bowl, in fact, each mandoo was able to be pulled individually in its entirety from the lot. Wonderfully made. Great smells! A+


Considering that I did not use sauce, I found that I actually did not need to. Typically soy sauce and vinegar are used, but these had great flavor on its own. I was happy to learn the dumplings were not salted so I was able to really get a taste for the true flavors of the filling. (Inside was a medley of meat and veggies commonly found in Korean-style dumplings.) It was a great mixture that did not leave one particular ingredient overpowering another. I’m glad it was not overly onion-y or garlicky, flavors I personally find overpowering in other Chinese-style dumplings. A

The skin was absolutely delightful, not only was its physical strength and prowess able to withstand my cooking but it tasted even possibly homemade? The skins were bigger than I have commonly seen at the supermarket. Very delicious. It cooked very well without becoming chewy or under/overcooked. I commonly find that Korean-style mandoo’s skins are actually too thin, but these were really the perfect kind and maintained their opaqueness throughout cooking. It was definitely not a wonton style skin either, which makes for a real dumpling. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A+

Other Notes:

This dumpling was a bit dry inside, there was absolutely no juice after steaming. This is common but sometimes in Chinese-style dumplings (jiaozi or 餃子), you get a small bit of soup inside. (Not to be confused with xiao long bao (小籠包)). I would probably use some kind of sauce on the next round, or my favorite, sesame oil drizzle! The taste and everything was still good despite that, very well put together, and definitely left me deciding whether or not to make more! Luckily I got a bag of 30… 😉 A+

Order yours today!!


My friend’s friend, David is raising money for his mission trip to Panama this summer.

You can get in line to purchase some awesome mandoo (만두) that Mama Suh and David made. It’s purely donation based so sign up soon to help this family of Christ out! He started delivering them last week so don’t miss out on awesome eats. I got my own bag pronto!!

My friend Fredric writes,

I can say with confidence that these are some very tasty mandoo. Juicy with a good balance of meat and vegetables. And most frozen mandoo I buy fall apart when I steam them but these hold together very well. These were well-made. Homemade mandoo is simply the best. Fry ’em, boil ’em, make some delicious 만두국, enjoy with 라면, or enjoy them my favorite way: steamed.

Sign-ups through this link.

Thank you for all your support!!

Yogurtland, Just Because


Yogurtland340 reviews powered by Yelp

Because Yogurtland. #StillNotBetterThanIceCreamTho

Blaze Pizza @ Brea Mall


I got to try the Blaze Pizza inside the mall food court this time. It seemed to have the shortest line. Too bad pie day was only $3.14 so this seemed super expensive at nearly $9USD for this 11″ personal size. I got the Link In again with olives because I am not that exciting. The pizza is pretty good (though you can’t really mess up pizza). I thought it was funny because at the end they asked if you wanted extra salt. Jeez. I haven’t even tasted it yet.