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Day 86 of #100HappyBananas

Instagram - #Pho

Really like my phở. We dropped by here before going to Turner’s. The soup was pretty good and didn’t feel overly heavy. The size of the bowl seemed kinda small since I still felt a little hungry, but for $6.50USD it wasn’t too bad. Honestly it’s been getting kinda hard to find good phở so this one hits the list if we’re in the area. :)

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Day 085 of #100HappyBananas

Instagram - Day 085 of #100HappyBananas - #WomenOfFaith Conference !

Went to the Women of Faith Conference at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California
Theme for 2014: Survival to Revival
$49.00 USD for the cheapest seats, but they were pretty good even though we were nearly the last row. It wasn’t filled but they spaced everyone out. Not for the scared of heights…

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Day 084 of #100HappyBananas

Instagram - Day 084 of #100HappyBananas - fan gear for the #Vikings

Fan gear for the Minnesota Vikings! I don’t really follow football but I love watching the game. The Detroit Lions suck, my home team is the Chargers, but I also bandwagon occasionally so.. Hence the Vikings. :) I won’t budge on my Detroit Red Wings though.. ;)

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Day 083 of #100HappyBananas

Instagram - Day 083 of #100HappyBananas - buff chicken #motivation at the gym that eats his kind's unfertilized babies... Is that cannibalism?

Buff chicken #motivation at the gym that eats his kind’s unfertilized babies… Is that cannibalism?

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Day 082 of #100HappyBananas

Instagram - #Karaage #SpicyPorkBelly Day 082 of #100HappyBananas - foodie adventures

Love foodie adventures!

Yori is a Japanese fusion (Korean) restaurant. They designed the place pretty well, it was pleasing to the eye. The menus were also very nicely made, and included a wide array of foods available for purchase. They have a great starter for drinking (1 large beer, 1 large sake, two small appetizers for $16.00USD) but it wasn’t enough to share so we didn’t order it. When he said it wasn’t enough to share I felt it was too overpriced when it was meant to be a deal. I opted for the Bento Box, but not with the typical chicken teriyaki and California roll. Options here included the Karaage and Spicy Pork Belly, so that’s what I picked! It included rice and salad, and edamame as an appetizer. Although plated very well, it left me lacking. The karate was a bit soggy (not as crunchy as I had originally expected), and it’s much like a thigh popcorn chicken in tempura batter. The spicy dip was pretty good and I enjoyed the pairing, though not a favorite of my counterpart. The spicy pork belly was marinaded with the classic Korean style sauces (couldn’t remember if it was galbi or bulgogi) but sweet more than spicy. I guess I prefer plain old salt and pepper in the end.

I’m not sure why the restaurant made the food cold, but even our tea came kinda cold until they refilled it from the pot. Maybe the plates don’t keep the heat well enough. I’m sure it was hot when he was walking towards us but it was somewhat cool by the time it hit our table. (Cool but not like it had been sitting there a while.)

Although the ambiance and designs were pleasing, I found the food to be somewhat lacking. The flavors were there but in terms of authenticity, it just seemed bland. Had it been truly the fusion, I expect it would have been very good. It seems more tailored to the crowd of the area. I did feel clean after eating though, despite the fried and pork belly, so plus one for them. Overall – 3.5.

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Day 081 of #100HappyBananas

Instagram - Day 081 of #100HappyBananas - preordering this game for @jo3n0bod3 in the Spring so he could get it on release day.  #Destiny

Preordering this game for the beau in the spring so he could get it on release day. :D

Destiny made $500 million yesterday. Congratulations on such an awesome game!

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Day 080 of #100HappyBananas

Instagram - Day 080 of #100HappyBananas - you already know.. #FanGirl #Apple #iphone6

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Day 079 of #100HappyBananas

Instagram - Day 079 of #100HappyBananas - homemade lasagna

Homemade food!

Ground turkey, tomato sauce, ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella. I realized with this meal that beau likes to wear the pants, and the chef’s hat, so I decided I’ll just be master observer chef who turns on the fan and boils water for pasta. Good thing I learn from watching! :D

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Day 078 of #100HappyBananas

Instagram - Day 078 of #100HappyBananas - frozen delights

Snow Station73 reviews powered by Yelp

Frozen delights!!

We concluded the evening back in Buena Park at Snow Station. This chain has been popping up like daisies all over the semi-Asian areas. This snow is exactly like Class 302, but somehow it melts too fast so you sorta get this strange texture of chewy ice material. …I liked the waffle cone.

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Heirloom Salad (Caprese) @ Chapter One

Instagram - Heirloom Salad (Caprese)

So this two part salad set us back $10.00USD. I think I could make this for about $3 so… I won’t be choosing this again.

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