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Danger Danger Hot Hot Sauce!

Had to use the book settlement funds so I bought this today.  Mostly for @jo3n0bod3 though.

Had to use the nook settlement funds so I bought this today. It’s mostly because beau & I like spicy foods, and we have talked about making hot sauces, so I can’t wait to start on these this summer!
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Privacy, Please

My mother’s side of the family are a bunch of CIA agents. Ok, not really, but pretty private group of folks. So is my father, but somehow that lesson missed me. I’m about as open book as it comes — as evidenced by my heavy involvement in social media. Sometimes it’s stuff about me, or just about news, or just foods I eat. Whatever is trending, really.

My cousin from my mother’s side recently had her wedding (already married for some time), and I of course, could not attend the destination wedding. My mother ventured over to the East and gathered photos to share with the rest of the clan. I had thought that my cousins (cumulatively) had wanted to view the photos, and what better way to do that than, well, social media. I happily uploaded a few good ones onto my Facebook, tagged my cousins, and a few hours later, developed a very sad face from a text message from the bride. She didn’t want the photos on Facebook, she told me plainly.

I scrunched my face, not so much as upset, but just puzzled she hadn’t shared her reality with me earlier. She wanted to keep her life very private from Facebook, and she hadn’t wanted anyone to know anything she deemed “personal” or “private”. I had asked for an explanation as I deleted the content and the response was that her private events were special to her, and she wanted to keep them that way. Huh.

I wasn’t sure how to take that bit of information. It wasn’t that I needed to justify why I share my life with the world or anything — I heavily respected her choices and promptly removed her photos. (She had already untagged herself.) I merely contemplated for the remainder of the afternoon what that had really meant, and if that in fact meant that she thought I didn’t think very highly of it all. My life. My family. My friends.

She doesn’t post very much on Facebook. I know she reads it though, and I know she lurks, reading about other people’s lives and happenings. Just like mine. I trembled at the thought of a bunch of other people, not only family but also strangers, reading my content. I knew no one religiously followed anything I wrote, even now with Google Analytics I know that to be fact, so I don’t know how I feel about it all. Does posting about my life cheapen it?

I’m guilty. I’m guilty of sometimes oversharing, yeah. Guilty as charged. So I created this medium, MintyBanana a few years ago to alleviate that. I had a need to share crap with the world that may or may not have cared, so instead I post most of it here, personal and non-personal thoughts. This was meant as a memoir for me, a catalogue, a place to watch myself grow, and a place to time capsule my life. I know this blog is reviewed by family members from time to time, and personally, yes, I do struggle with “young” things, but overall, for someone to be able to get a glimpse of who I am when they never see me is pretty precious. At least to me. And personally, I do everything I can to get to know people even if it’s just passive information they’re sharing. It’s raw, and it’s damn beautiful. On the internet, you put your name on crap you post, but it’s real, honest. And for the people that aren’t, you learn about them too. It’s the most beautiful picture of people I have ever made.

So that’s fine, she should keep her life private if that is important to her. I guess I just didn’t need to feel like an invitation to someone else’s life was so exclusive. I mean, it is, but, it’s like Mean Girls, and telling someone she can’t sit with them. I’m sorry, I’ve been excluded from things my whole life, and I never want someone to feel that I do that to them. I know I can’t stop the bullying, or the suicides, or whatever else political is going on, but I do know that God taught us to love everyone, and I’m going to do that. I’m going to show that you’re not alone. You don’t have to struggle by yourself. And even if you don’t put yourself out there, I will. For us.



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Happened to be in the Garden Grove area late at night, so we took a pit stop at my favorite phở place! They ran out of their famous ox tail soup but we opted for the regular one instead. Ahh, so good.
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(One of) My Biggest Problem(s)

Sometimes I’m too nice. I put everything on hold, rearrange my whole schedule, shift around my life for people. It’s not that they ever even asked me, it’s just who I am and how I am. I have some weird need to be early even when I set times and dates with people, and not just 20 minutes but like, an hour. An hour earlier. I’m so neurotic about it for some reason.

And what’s weirder is that I just came to terms with that yesterday. I’m so accustomed to accommodating everyone else that I put the things in my life on the back burner. To me, it was always just that one day or that one time that I would do that, willingly. It dawned on me yesterday when I kept trying to move up my gym time to see my friend. I finished my daily studying quota at work so I could make the evening without worrying about it. She didn’t ask me to, we had plans to really meet just for sure by 8PM, and having gotten work off in the afternoon as usual, that was more than enough time to complete my task. Yet, at the gym, I rushed through my workout and got home as quick as I could to get ready, missing my run.

I don’t know if it is excitement to see someone or anxiety (which I promise I am working to stop), but I guess having been friends with people who are insanely late, and at the time just being pissed, I now realize that those people are actually somewhat freer. Freer from the constraints of time and I guess in a way, more carefree.

I need to be more committed to the time and schedule I make. I need to put myself first (unless I really do have to rearrange things), and realize it’s ok to just be 5 minutes early, not an hour. Or a few hours. What is wrong with me lol. And in turn I accidentally just end up rushing people when they are running late. (Sorry!)

Clover Club & Lion’s Tail @ Hammer Bar

Clover Club & Lion's Tail

This was probably the most girlie drink I had all night. I was trying to work on my Scotch tasters. Blind Rabbit was after this…. :)
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Vivian & I


The one that never really leaves when she goes home to Georgia. ♥

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Kettlebar Pan Roast

Kettlebar Pan Roast

So glad we decided to share this bad boy — this is the Kettlebar Pan Roast at a whooping $23USD for just one bowl. The regular pan roast is just $16USD, but since we shared we thought we might as well splurge. The food was great, certainly a great alternative to my Chino Hills (The Boiler) location. I was engrossed in chit chat so I will probably return again to really taste the food. (Wouldn’t want to bust out my inner critic in front of good company haha.)

Nothing really hit my palate at an extreme, so that’s always good. The tomato flavor seemed just right in conjunction with the rest of the meal. The texture and chunks of seafood were great, and the rice was welcome. I couldn’t tell so much if it was too salty but the rice definitely helped the flavors so I might venture to say it might have been slightly salty. But of course, bars usually do that to get you to be more thirsty and drink more. :) Will be back!
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.38 Special & Orange Veux Cre’ @ Kettlebar

.38 Special & Orange Veux Cre' @vivgchen

First stop on my Anaheim Packing House trip with Vivian was to Kettlebar! We started off the night right with drinks — She had the .38 Special and I had the Orange Veux Cre’. Food to follow…
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Fighting for Peace

Fighting for Peace
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Walk to Defeat ALS

Please join me in donating to this cause in loving memory for those who have passed and those still struggling with the disease.ALS_logo