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Instagram – Traditions!

Instagram - #Tradition #DoubleDouble #GrilledOnions #NeopolitanShake

In-N-Out Burger141 reviews powered by Yelp

Obligatory tradition before traveling. :D

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Instagram – #PSL

0Instagram - #PSL #TurkeyBacon

Half sweet, soy, no whip. Oh yeah, I’m one of those (terrible) custom people at 7AM.

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Instagram – H’Suan Wen Hua Treatment

Instagram - #Lush #HSuanWenHua #HairCare #HairTreatment #Vegetarian

Plunked down $20.00USD for the goods! Check out my initial review on it here.

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Instagram – #Yogurtland

Instagram - #Yogurtland

Yogurtland330 reviews powered by Yelp

Decided to stop by Yogurtland on a random night. The Brea one closes at midnight! Today I got plain tart with strawberries and mochi, almonds and coconut shavings. YUMMM.

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Instagram – #5: Lamb Hot Pot

Instagram - #5: Lamb Hot Pot1971386_1541837122697380_1978741461_n

Boiling Point278 reviews powered by Yelp

Yeah, I’m a regular here. This time we got the #5 Lamb and added fermented tofu, fish balls, and pork intestine. Kinda sounds gross but was amazing as usual!

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Hello Kitty Exhibit, Japanese American National Museum

iOS? Click here for the photo set!

Instagram – Sushi & Sashimi @ Restaurant Komasa

Instagram - #SashimiCombo


This place had a line forming before it opened on Sunday at 5PM! There were plenty of wait staff for the small restaurant, but it’s small so if your party is bigger than 5 people, it’s probably not ideal. We opted for the sushi combination B and sashimi combination for three people. This filled us up and the sushi was absolutely divine in the flavors melding. I highly recommend it. Although the sashimi was fresh and buttery, I felt the sushi was much better. DEFINITELY will return…

Three people + tax & tip landed us around $75. What a steal.

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Instagram – #HelloKitty

Instagram - #HelloKitty

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Instagram – So many donuts…

Instagram - So many donuts... #BaconDonut #KokoChurro

Cafe Dulce1080 reviews powered by Yelp

This place is nestled in one of the Little Tokyo plazas (near Nijiya Market). They offer drinks that had a slightly different Asia feel, with Hong Kong style teas but I had the Genmai Latte. This is prepared with whole milk and can only be made soy in hot. It seemed like it was too much trouble for the barista so I just went with the milk.

Pictured here is their assortment of donuts which included a bacon donut and something called a Koko Churro. Will try next time!

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Instagram – Gyro

Instagram - #Gyro

Which Wich45 reviews powered by Yelp

The Cerritos location had gyros on Bag 8! It’s not as good as other gyros but it hit the spot for me!

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