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Instagram – Seafood Curry

Instagram - Seafood Curry

Thailandia158 reviews powered by Yelp

Seafood curry! They always cook the seafood right. :)

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Instagram – #Falafel

Instagram - #Falafel

This small plate landed us about $7.00 with a pita bread.

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Instagram – 남자 라면 !!

Instagram - 남자 라면 !! #Ramen #Paldo

Paldo Ramen was on sale at the market so of course, must try! It was pretty manly but it wasn’t that spicy… :( And as usual, I have “gourmet” ramen with cheese and a poached egg. :)

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Instagram – House Pan Roast

Instagram - House Pan Roast

The Boiler828 reviews powered by Yelp

Hmm, the quality has gone down. I think there is a new restaurant owner. It also became so salty I kept drinking water afterward. Boo.

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YEE: Holiday Party

Instagram - @Yelp #YelpElite @ Madame Tussaud's Hollywood for YEE Holiday Party !! (That's my hand!)

@ Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood for YEE Holiday Party !! (That’s my hand!)

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Shalom, JoAnne

This music video was made in 2001. She passed away on Dec 2, 2014 from a terrible three car collision right before Thanksgiving which landed her in a coma until the following Tuesday. Her voice was always a blessing to hear, like an angel calling, and I can only be grateful that she is no longer suffering and back with our Creator. Shalom, JoAnne. We miss you.

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2014 CM: MyYogaWorks

MyYogaWorks CyberMonday2014

Vegetarian Omelette

Instagram - Vegetarian Omelette

Sunrise Cafè125 reviews powered by Yelp

Adorable little country style breakfast/lunch spot in Buena Park. This is situated next to the famous Belinda’s Mexican Food, so if you ever don’t feel like waiting for country breakfast, grab a Mexican breakfast next door! This omelette was a great combination of veggies to satisfy one’s breakfast needs. The home fries were cooked to (my personal) perfection, with the crunchy areas being tasteful and the soft areas being just as deliciously soft as only potatoes can be. I also got some biscuits and gravy, just a word to the wise it does come with some meat chunks in it, so be weary if you are a no flesh diet like me.  I mean overall i would say this is a pretty average breakfast without anything super “wow” so I still give it three stars.

The service was kinda spotty but it was busy… Although it seems like it would have always been busy. The overall time for food to come out though was pretty good, we got our food in a timely manner. The wait time was only about 30 minutes and there is a sign in sheet in the front. There are also bathrooms but I didn’t get a chance to check them out.

Most booths fit about 4, they can push some tables together to accommodate a larger party and they don’t overstock the tables at the restaurant so it doesn’t feel cramped even with extra people. Their menu was small but enough to cover everything you would want for breakfast. The menu for lunch was a little bit lacking, and I didn’t find anything on there appetizing, but it seems like their lunch menu also covers the main bases in terms of sandwiches.

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#12 Falafel Plate @ Zankou Chicken

Instagram - Falafel Plate!

Zankou Chicken775 reviews powered by Yelp

This place seems like it’s an awesome trendy place based on the website and menu, but once you step into their time machine, it’s like walking into King Taco. You order at the front then head to the tables and chairs set up like grandma’s house. I opted for the number 12 Falafel Plate and I was not disappointed.

Ok, I was a little bit, but I’m used to this genre of food by now. It’s mostly mushy stuff like hummus and yogurt sauce, so if you’re not with the hummus and pita, then you probably won’t get full on the falafel plate. My counterparts all ordered real meat dishes, and it looked to be plenty of food to fill them up and even take some home.

Everything tasted freshly made, and there are bathrooms in the back one for each gender. The parking lot is a bit hard to get to if you don’t find any street parking, you go around the fast food chain, around their parking lot (almost as if going into the apartment complex) then it opens into a small parking lot for Zankou Chicken.

There are tons of locations throughout Southern California to get your fix, including Hollywood and Anaheim. There was plenty of customers but plenty of seating around Friday night dinner. They have booths that fit 4 and tables and chairs that can be rearranged to accommodate a larger party.

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