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ZOYA is running their annual polish exchange to help the Earth! Click the graphic for further instructions on this awesome deal. :)

Bacon & Turkey Burger

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This new chain popped up a location in Fullerton. I’ve only seen it in Santa Monica but I am sure there are a ton by now. This turkey burger was pretty good but I equate this restaurant to Umami. I find the beef patties to be not as flavorful but their other items on the menu are pretty delectable. I lucked out here picking the top burger via reviews, not based on the cashier’s recommendations of the Smokey burger. This is the Friday special Bacon and Blue Turkey Burger ($8.95 USD). It was a “good” burger but it was not the best. I would rank this many after 10 but before 15 on a list. It did not taste gourmet but the price was… The thing that bothered me the most is that they did not ask me how I wanted my burger cooked. Obviously for turkey it should be well done, but the beef one was just assumed we wanted pretty much well done with tiny pink inside. … Obviously this is not a burger place that burger eaters would go to.

The half/half with onion rings and fries were over salted but to their credit and hold, the ketchup tasted homemade and pretty special.

Overall I would say if you wanted a “good” burger, this would be a good home for a “good” burger. If you want an amazing burger, pass on this one.

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Beauty Patch – Dove

Perfect Wife

MiaFirst Review


I finally had the chance to try the MiaFirst consistently for every face washing event for a few weeks. If you register the item, you can nab a full-sized gel face wash. It was a little too strong for me in terms of the smell but it worked well without over drying my face.

So after a few weeks I have to say… Not much difference. Yes, it makes my face incredibly smooth to the touch, but I can’t say it actually has cleaned my skin any better. It does make my skin brighter but I feel it’s from constant exfoliation. It is definitely gentle enough to use daily and having sensitive skin, it does not irritate or turn red (cool!). The blackheads on my nose and nearby on my cheeks have not cleared yet, but have gotten a bit lighter. The film of skin that develops on top of these before the MiaFirst is now no longer there… Maybe it’s just a matter of time before the blackheads go away. I’ll keep you guys posted on that!

Many people swear by this product but it hasn’t made me a convert just yet. I’ll continue to use it and see if it evens out my skin tone and clears out the blackheads…


Laundry of Love, Santa Ana

Just wanted to take this lovely Thursday afternoon to give some information about the Laundry of Love folks.

This is a great opportunity for groups to do some volunteer work at a Laundromat and give back to the needy community. Every third Thursday of the month, about 150 volunteers gather at the Laundromat to provide quarters, soap, and dryer sheets to those in need. This service is provided to them because many of them cannot afford to do their laundry. The best part of it is that you get to promote your cause, though mostly church groups volunteer for it.

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동치미국수 or Cold Kimchi Noodles

Instagram - #ColdKimchiNoodle

김 엄마 made us dinner! This is a traditional cold kimchi noodle dish (동치미국수) in radish water soup. The radish water is made just like kimchi but without the spicy chilis. Add an egg and some cucumber and this simple dish is complete!

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Breakfast Burrito!

Instagram - #BreakfastBurrito

This is a Mexican greasy spoon. It’s not to ward you away from the place but it’s just to let you know what kinda time machine you’ll be stepping into. This place is it — the O.G., original, wonderful, home cooked kinda Mexican American stuff any California girl would want. Today I went meatless with my b-fast burrito but I know that this place is bomb. I know it’s bomb because this photo got more likes than my face on Instagram and Facebook. There you have it folks. This description wasn’t really necessary.

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Mini On




Finally got my hands on a MiaFirst! They’re actually going to be discontinuing it soon, it’s disappearing off the shelves at Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. You can still get it on their website for $99 and bag free shipping. :) I’ve heard such rave reviews and I own a Sonicare toothbrush so I figured why not! Review to follow on arrival!