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Tips on Reducing Hair Loss (Down The Drain)

Over the years I have picked up some tips on reducing hair loss down the drain. Unfortunately I cannot cure hair loss (yet) so if you are experiencing drain problems due to your long hair, these tips might help!

  1. Brush your hair prior to washing it. Really get into your scalp, give it a good massage and loosen any dead skin and hair. If your brush has many bristles, it will probably catch it for you, or if you have a wide toothed comb, make sure to clean it from the floor after! (Cause gross…) I like to do a two-part “spa” hair brushing. I mean, really go at it. Especially if you don’t wash your hair every day. This has been my number one tip on the drain issue. Besides, brushing your head feels awesome and then you get to massage shampoo after!
    • Recommended Hair Brush: Bristles with plastic balls at the end so it doesn’t scrape your scalp. Paddle is probably best for this, but you can also use a wide toothed comb followed by a regular brush. No need for the boar on this one!
  2. Get a proper drain catcher. Not all drain covers will cover your drain. Some of them dip into the drain. Mine happens to be a pop-up, couldn’t find it at Daiso, and lucky for me, OXO makes one for my style.
    Just less than $10USD on Amazon.com

    Just less than $10USD on Amazon.com

    Ignore the soap ring! It’s not going to be perfect in terms of catching all hair, nor will it drain water as efficiently as not having it, but you win some you lose some. The metal weight pushes this down and keeps it down, and the holes are sufficient. After I’m done washing my hair, I just lift it up and rinse the walls of the shower down.

  3. Get a Zip-It. This is commonly known as a drain snake, but it’s only a few dollars, so it makes it a worthy investment. (You know, before you experience the issue that makes you late for work.)
    Home Depot: $2.50USD

    Home Depot: $2.50USD

    It’ll set you back less than $5USD, and I have used it before. It is cheap plastic, but you want to be gentle with the hair or it will snap anyway. It has been more effective for me personally than the traditional metal drain snake (that pulls one clump). If you follow the first two tips, you actually won’t be finding yourself needing this much. Maybe never.

  4. If you find yourself at number 4, you probably have messed up your drain pretty badly. I don’t recommend using Drain-O but I have succumbed to its promises once before. There are other green options out there… Use your discretion. I have no recommendations from here.

Hope these tips help you and good luck!

First Time @ Stonefire Grill

South of the Border w/Quinoa

South of the Border w/Quinoa

Stonefire Grill461 reviews powered by Yelp

I swear this salad had more items included on the menu, but whatever. I had the dressing on the side and only ended up needing 20% of it, so I suggest getting yours on the side too, or you’ll be eating a lot of extra calories! Yeah but no seriously, I didn’t get any avocado.

This petite was a bit pricey, just coming in at around $8USD. This says it serves one but I would say maybe 1.25 people. You get to pay up front then grab a table to eat, kind of buffet style without the buffet. Interesting idea, and a good one actually for larger groups of people. They cannot accommodate super large groups though, at this location. Most of the booths just fit the typical nuclear family + one or two.

I will say I was pretty impressed with this chain, I’m not sure if I would venture out of my way to come back though. I think there was also gift certificates at Costco but don’t quote me on it. There’s a patio but no dogs allowed according to other reviewers. The bathrooms were adequate size. They offer beer and wine but close at 10PM, so I would consider it a family restaurant.

In The Dog Haus

The Fonz - Spicy Italian Sausage w/Pastrami

The Fonz – Spicy Italian Sausage w/Pastrami

Dog Haus251 reviews powered by Yelp

This place just opened up near the 85 and Guppy’s off of Chapman in their newly renovated apartment complex. There’s validated parking under the building or you can always do street. This one still doesn’t have their liquor license yet, but it should be coming in the next month or so. It looks like they have some kind of machine that may be self serve, but of course maybe it’s just for looks for a future bar.

I opted for The Fonz. Last time I was here I believe I went with Da Brat, and was disappointed. The Fonz has the spicy Italian sausage with pastrami so it was a meaty dog! They use Hawaiian bread as opposed to a regular hot dog bun or pretzel bun. It’s definitely a different twist, but I have to add that I don’t think it will go well on all dogs. My counterpart opted for the hot dog wrapped in bacon and it just wasn’t hitting the spot.

This is a chain so you can pretty much expect it to taste the same at all their locations. The food does take a bit to come out, but maybe it’s just because it’s new. The bathrooms had codes for them (not sure why…) 1-1-1-1 will open it for you though, as of the time I went. For Ladies.

This place has really big tables, it’s better for a group setting or you’ll be stuck sitting with strangers. They’re opting for a similar feel as Wurstküche, which also happens to remind me of Pie Dog down the street.

Eh, I’d say Pie Dog is still better, but I’d have to try more things on both menus.

Piadina – For Lunch!

The California

The California

Dill Pickle Chips

Dill Pickle Chips

Piadina101 reviews powered by Yelp

This place is a new “sandwich” shop that opened up on El Camino Real, near the Rubio’s, Starbucks, and across from Home Depot. I ordered the California, some Dill Pickle chips, and had a drink from their “craft” soda machine. They had Ginger Beer so I went for that. :)

This is a really interesting Italian twist on their culture or food. People say it’s a flatbread sandwich (that’s what Piadina is), but I would almost even venture to call it a re-invented pizza… I mean it’s sort of like a pizza folded into a calzone without a lot of cheese. It’s delicious. I think everyone should give it a shot. The flatbread is made fresh and you can watch them cook in their assembly line!

The sandwich itself was pretty filling, even at the hefty price tag of around $10USD per person, I found the food adequate for my satiation. I think some of the sandwiches might be better than the others, my counterpart had the No. 10 and it wasn’t as delicious. The Dill Pickle chips were good, but it didn’t taste like pickles, more like just dill with a bit of vinegar. The Ginger Beer had a great kick, that was a fun addition to my meal.

Overall I would say it was a light lunch, though filling, and a different twist on an old classic. I would definitely be back, and I haven’t tried anything else like it before. Nice work!

Santouka Ramen

Spicy Miso w/Extra Chashu

Spicy Miso w/Extra Chashu

This ramen place is comparable to Aijisen in terms of being a chain. You know what you’re going to get, but Santouka is a smaller joint, and as you can see by the bowl here at around $10USD, you don’t get much. I must have had a better memory of this ramen, as I decided it doesn’t seem all that fabulous anymore. Maybe it’s the location.

Cash only!

Homemaking Kombucha: Supplies

  • Stock Pot: For brewing the tea.
  • Tea: For brewing the tea. (8 bags per gallon)
  • Sugar: white, granulated (1 cup per gallon)
  • Scoby: For making the kombucha.
  • Jars: For fermenting the kombucha. I decided to go with Ball Canning Jars, in 64 oz size (half gallon) to make it easier to pour and transfer.
    ACE Hardware: 6 for $12.99USD (Pick Up In Store Only)

    ACE Hardware: 6 for $12.99USD (Pick Up In Store Only) [USE MY EBATES link – Sponsors Page]

  • Bottles: For bottling the kombucha. I’m just reusing the 6-pack I got from the Costco sold GT’s (Organic and Raw) Kombucha. The Costco six pack cost around $15USD. The labels were kind of hard to remove, but nothing a little Goo Gone can’t fix!EK-Gingerade

Homemaking Kombucha

I have to admit, the first time Justin said he wanted Kombucha, I was like 😖 looks and sounds gross… (And also, you hippie…😂) Not 6 months later, Lois brings me a bottle of homemade Kombucha. I didn’t want to seem like an 🐴 and not try her hard work so I tried it. I immediately fell in like. Just like. Because I wasn’t sure exactly what this stuff was yet. She explained to me something about “scoby” and as I walked with her, I thought it was some kind of machine.

Well, it did turn out to be a kind of (living) machine. “Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast”. The acronym doesn’t make much sense though, to me, there shouldn’t be an o, but since there is, there should also be an a! But anyway, I purchased a box of 6 at Costco, their Gingerade, and by bottle 3, I was in love with the lightly carbonated stringy stuff.

🙈 Yet another venture of strange hobbies I collect…

I got a few resources for you here if you want to start on your own venture too. If you’re nearby and a known friend or acquaintance, I’d be happy to give you some scoby when I finally have some ready for production.

Helpful table from Cultures of Health

Helpful table from Cultures of Health

If you just want a quick synopsis of how to make it, you’re basically brewing a large batch of tea with sugar (per the ratios above). After it cools you transfer it to large glass jars then put some scoby in it. Cover with a thick wad of paper towels and rubber band, then after 7-10 days (and to taste), you bottle it. You let it sit for a few more days to let it develop and carbonate, then you fridge it.

During the few more days before putting it in the fridge, you can flavor it with more than just tea. There’s a ton of recipes online but basically the sky is the limit. Juice, ginger, fruit… Some recipes I’ve found they add additional sugar to citrus recipes, but I’ll post up recipes that are tried/true when I get there. Can’t wait to get started!

P.S. If you think it’s just a bunch of hoax and a fad, you’re probably right, but just wanted you to know it has similar cultures as yogurt, so you’re just having a different style of consumption in reality. Whatever positive effects you get from yogurt (maybe regarding digestion, or clearer skin, or whatever) will be similar here. That being said, since it’s just tea and sugar (instead of dairy products) you can’t really “mess up” so long as you keep your scoby healthy.😎

Swedish Meatballs

Swedish Meatballs (15), Carbonated Apple Cider, Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

Swedish Meatballs (15), Carbonated Pear Cider, Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

IKEA Restaurant278 reviews powered by Yelp

“Renovating” my bathroom so I picked up some choice items at IKEA. During the two hour venture I stopped by the Food Court for their Swedish Meatballs. This store definitely has better meatballs than Covina or Burbank. Not sure why that is… At the very least you have to try their Organic Carbonated Pear Cider. It reminds me of Apple Sidra (yellow can with green apple – Asian market), but a little less acidic. The chocolate is also not bad for 99¢. :)

I think IKEA always gets a bad rap, but I personally feel they have definitely upped their quality. Many of their pieces are solid wood now (check out the NORNÄS or HEMNES collections), and you can definitely get trendy styles or styles that look pretty classy. The quality goes down when you have to move and re-assemble, but just to be fair, I think most furniture can’t really stand up to that task.

Sirius XM – Free 2 Weeks!

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 07.51.27

Han Nam Chain Food Court!

Half dumplings and half 짬뽕 (jjamppong).

Half dumplings and half 짬뽕 (jjamppong).

Victoria Garden Chinese Restaurant @ Buena Park — Not sure why the Yelp engine is giving us weird results today!

Because why go to an American mall to eat their food court when you can go to a Korean supermarket and eat Korean food court food!!

I love their food options because you can order half and half of pretty much everything. They did seem a little bit short staffed but we finally got our food. I got the 짬뽕 (jjamppong) with 만두 (mandu or dumplings), and the boyfriend got 자장면 (jajangmyeon) with 탕수육 (tangsuyuk or sweet and sour pork). It wasn’t super cheap but it was less than $10USD a person so can’t complain!

really actually liked my food here. The jjamppong was on point, though maybe in retrospect it had a lot of MSG in it. It tasted like yummy chicken broth to me. The mandu was really the star though, it had a much thicker skin which kept it really crispy throughout my whole meal. And I was actually happy to get Chinese dumplings for once — not so many extra added veggies like in Korean versions. Yay! Finished with Chinese kimchi and 沢庵 (takuan or yellow pickled daikon radish).

This would definitely be a repeat pick for me.