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Wine Folly

I found a great blog on wine tasting called Wine Folly. This info graphic on their website was awesome in explaining the best temperatures for your wine.



Instagram - #LoveIs going to to three stores to find your girlfriend's favorite seasonal apple juice. #AlcoholicAppleJuice @jo3n0bod3 #HalloweenAppleJuice #REDDSWickedApple

Too bad this is seasonal. :(

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Instagram – Homemade Pancakes

Instagram - #ButtermilkPancakes #Eggs #TurkeySausage #ScallopPotatoes

Buttermilk pancakes with flower layer eggs, turkey sausage, and scalloped potatoes. Nothing better than the 100% maple syrup goodness. Put that in my vein… Just kidding!

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싸만코 or Samanco !!

Instagram - #Samanco !!

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짬뽕 or jjamppong !

Instagram - #jjamppong #짬뽕


Located inside the food court of the AR Market, this famous red house stop is at the very end, only serving a few key items including 짬뽕 or jjamppong, a spicy seafood miscellanius soup. This is known as Chinese Korean fusion food!

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#7 with Mushrooms & Bacon @ Pieology

Instagram - #7 with Mushrooms

Pieology Pizzeria1458 reviews powered by Yelp

This buffalo chicken pizza (with added mushrooms and bacon) was a great idea but somehow poorly executed. The hungry monster in me devoured this pizza, but as the saying goes, even bad pizza is good pizza. Pieology’s overall quality at this location seems to have altered. I enjoyed their business idea and product the first few times I had come, but it seems the crust or something has changed, so… Maybe I will try that new establishment Blaze Pizza soon.

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Instagram – Thanks Mama Kim for the Orchid!

Instagram - Thanks Mama Kim for the #Orchid ! #Flower #GreenThumb #StayAlive #Beautiful

This was taken on the new iPhone 6 camera. As you can tell it’s a pretty significant change from other photos on my Instagram.

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I Love People, But I Hate People…

I found out today I’m not alone. It’s not surprising though, I guess, my BFF so far away feels the same way. On the outside, I’m a people person. A proverbial “social butterfly”, as my father would describe. His whole life he had the impression that I was always out with my friends. He ultimately cannot fathom when I say sometimes I stay at home for a week straight by myself. He said he thought this because when he comes to see me, I’m never there. I repeated that I didn’t actually like people. He repeated that he didn’t understand. I hadn’t the heart to tell him I didn’t want to be around family sometimes, either. It’s usually advice too late to tell me, or advice not old enough to understand. Don’t take what I say personally, though. I (positive word) my parents.

I love being around people, I do. I love being around positive, energetic people, and I’m sure most people do. But not everyone is positive or energetic. Not all people are enthusiastic about what they do or where they live. This world is just full of people who complain. And I’m supposed to listen to it, because I’m supposed to show that I care. “Really? That sucks.” (I can’t give advice because people don’t want it or aren’t listening.) See, I do care, don’t get me wrong, but it’s taken a toll on me. I don’t have any more sh!ts to give. I’ve started to hate them. Loathe them. They’re like energy bloodsuckers that seem to be around every corner. I’m not exaggerating, though I desperately wish I were.

What about those people who like to compare whose life is worse? Frankly, I don’t want my life to be worse, but I don’t want your life to be worse than mine either. So…

Bad things happen. I get that. I’m human too. But the same thing, day in and day out, I just can’t get. I can’t. People don’t want to change. There’s nothing I can do about that. But especially when I first meet you… If this is all you give me dump on me, I have a really hard time liking you. It’s not that I’m judging you, I just can’t find something to like about you. You tell me that you basically hate your life and everything sucks. Everyone is mean to you, and you’re not treated fairly. OK. It’s not that I can’t relate to you, I probably do, but I’m not the kind of miserable person that loves such company. You’re honestly barking up the wrong tree, sorry. Not sorry.

Coupled with this is my immense depth for the feeling of loss. Unrelated but still about people, even as a child I tried to resolve my issue with attachment. I’m not able to attach to people properly still. Maybe no one does, but I notice it. I attribute this issue to the fact that I moved around a lot as a child. (Boo-hoo, I know. Sob story ensues.) So I do love people, I just know that I’m going to lose them in a few short years, mostly to “life” or being “busy”. Sometimes when I try to hang on, I feel like some desperate homesick puppy, needing terrible clingy attention from anyone who will give it to me. I’m sure this got me into a lot of trouble as a youngin, but today I know better, and it’s funny because I steer clear away from the clingy personality. We’re surrounded by people, but we feel terribly alone. So alone.

I don’t want to be in limbo. I want to love people again. God gave me a really big heart to not hang on to this hatred and keep an open heart for everyone who needs an ear to listen. So I keep going out, and I keep trying to love on people. Even though I keep getting disappointed, I keep trying. That’s me, though. Just help me a little bit next time you see me – tell me something positive about your life, because maybe you don’t think anyone is, but I am rooting for you.

Voter Registration


In advocation of the Nov 4 voting tomorrow, although it’s too late to register to vote for this year, I highly recommend you get yourself registered for this freedom that has been won for us. Although there are many arguments to the pros and cons of voting, I do think and still believe that we should support the democracy we believe in. Although there are many things wrong with this country, there are many freedoms we have that other countries do not. So… Whatever it means to you, if you like being here, serve your people and represent yourself.

Although never registering to vote will lower your chances at being called for Jury Duty, please remember if you have a valid driver’s license, you can still be summoned.

Click here or on the political parties to register in California.

Happy 2!

Instagram - Happy 2nd Birthday, my beautiful ️️

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